Zika can cause Guillain-Barre syndrome, study shows

It is the first definitive link between the virus and the paralyzing condition.




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Alabama Senate race will test Donald Trump effect

A runoff for Sen. Richard Shelby could mean Trump threatens down-ballot incumbents.




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Bring WND to Canada

Hello, Mr. Farah. 

The voices of Arabic Christians are being muzzled in the USA and now Canada in the wake of the Muslim invasion. Obama is welcoming this policy, which the French Canadian new prime minister has also imposed in Canada. 

Also in Canada, French-run media Bell-Media, CTV, CBC, “Canadian Press” – all French-run – are preparing to short-circuit Mr. Trump’s Keystone policy.

The firing of English Canadian workers is rapidly taking place, and installation of compliant French Canadian government workers is taking place currently. 

I feel your presence in Canada is warranted so you can bring the People’s Voice back to the “democratic front.” Thirty million English Canadians are now muzzled.

Please consider opening an office in the capital of Canada, Ottawa, and consider using truthful reporters who refuse to be “muscled” by French-owned “Canadian Press” whom many in Canada feel also manipulated the last Canadian election.

 Thank you.

Beverly Rensch

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Rubio’s resumé

How many elected officeholders in Washington, D.C., ever worked in the private sector as adults? In 1998 Marco Rubio, age 26, got elected as a city commissioner for West Miami. Gang of Eight toadie Rubio has apparently never held down a real job; blabbermouthing on the taxpayer dime doesn’t count as real work on the resume. Rubio’s record in the Senate shows him AWOL on 14 key votes since January 2015, according to website Vote Smart.

Empty suits like Barack Obama and Marco Rubio and the cardboard cutouts of the D.C. establishment – mere commodities trading on the Buy My Vote Exchange – are likely what Abe Lincoln had in mind when he said, “If ever this free people, if this government itself is ever utterly demoralized, it will come from this incessant human wriggle and struggle for office, which is but a way to live without work.”

Jim Anderson

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Vince Foster lie

Your article about Vince Foster having a second wound is a lie [“Vince Foster ‘suicide’ shocker: 2nd wound documented”]. Kenneth Starr was desperate to find something to hang on the Clintons. He failed and concluded that it was a suicide. If he couldn’t come up with anything, there was nothing there.

I am sending this by email because you have blocked me from comments even thought I have posted nothing so offensive as the comments from conservatives.

James Sawyer

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